Amyr Rocha Lima is a frequent speaker and panelist on topics ranging from investor psychology to financial planning in retirement.

He has delivered his talks to audiences from all over the world.

Whether he’s speaking to individual investors, financial planners, wealth managers or university students, Amyr brings a wealth of interesting information to his audience.

Watch a selection of Amyr's talks, below:

Amyr shares his journey from being an old school IFA ‘producer’ to becoming a 'next generation' financial planner. He also explores the mindset shift required by financial advice firm owners if they want to find and develop the next generation of financial planners.

As financial cash flow planning and Monte Carlo analysis become increasingly popular in retirement planning, Amyr discusses how financial planners can bring meaning to the probabilities of a plan’s success or failure.

Amyr discusses how being planning-centric empowers us to present our capabilities to our clients in terms of three priceless gifts, any one of which is worth in the long run multiples of what we charge, and which together virtually always enable us to get our clients where they would like to get to in their lives.

In this keynote presentation, Amyr highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to retirement planning that takes into account both financial and non-financial factors to ensure a fulfilling retirement.

Asking questions and listening to clients’ stories is big part of being a financial planner.

In this presentation, Amyr explains why excelling in this endeavour requires a unique set of skills led by a mixture of intellectual curiosity, compassion, empathy and wonder.

The "Next Generation" of Financial Advice

How to Build a Robust Retirement Planning Strategy

Becoming a Planning-centric Financial Planner

Retirement Planning - It's More Than Just A Number...

Change Your Questions / Change Your Life

Amyr has presented at and appeared on panel discussions for:

  • Citywire Next Generation Forum

  • PFS Power

  • BACK2Y Financial Planning Conference

  • Kingston Business School

  • Eton College

  • Invesco Asset Management Forum

  • Quilter Investors Generation Forum

  • NextGen Planners Conference

  • Money Marketing Interactive Conference

  • FTAdviser Financial Advise Forum

  • Legal & General Later Life Divorce Seminar

  • Netwealth UK Study Tour – Australia

  • Standard Life Future of Advice Forum

  • Nucleus Illuminate Retirement Roundtable

  • NNEK Master Adviser – Netherlands

  • CISI Financial Planning Conference

  • Science of Retirement Conference

  • Money Marketing Retirement Summit

  • FP Advance UYBP Programme

  • Financial Planning Standards Board – Germany

  • PA360 Conference

  • Festival Of Financial Planning

  • CISI Young Professionals' Network

You can view his speaker reel by clicking here.

What a fabulous job you did, Amyr – a passionate, heartfelt speech, well delivered, inspiring so many!”

Paul Armson
(Founder - Back2Y)



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Amyr Rocha-Lima MSc FPFS CFP Chartered Financial Planner Kingston upon Thames
Amyr Rocha-Lima MSc FPFS CFP Chartered Financial Planner Kingston upon Thames