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So, here we are, episode 101 of the Inside Kingston™ Podcast, and I still can’t quite believe it.

When I first started this show, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to episode 10. And when I listen back to the first few episodes, the absolutely cringeworthy performance I gave makes it all the more impressive that you – my wonderful listeners – have stuck with me this far.

I want to start by thanking each and every one of our special guests on this show, it truly has been a pleasure hosting this podcast and getting a chance to learn from the stories and insights of all sorts of fascinating people.

No doubt many of our guests are people I would have met with for other reasons, but I’m convinced that the podcast interview had a much different effect on how I related to them.

For instance, I invested more time preparing for the interviews than I would for a typical meeting, and the podcast interview format gave me the opportunity to focus strictly on the guest and his or her story. So, I feel that I learned much more about the person through a podcast interview than I would in a typical meeting and I also got to share what I learned with my listeners – most of whom of course reside right here in Kingston.

Before we dive into some of the things I’ve learned over these one hundred interviews, allow me let’s just take a step back and get into the “why” behind this podcast.

Most people acknowledge that networking – that is, creating a fabric of personal contacts to provide support, feedback, insight, and resources – is an essential activity for small business owners.

Well it was with this in mind that I launched the Inside Kingston™ Podcast in 2019. The idea was to create a show that would allow me to connect with the business community here in Kingston, telling the stories of successful business owners, experienced professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders based here in the region.

The aim of the show has always been about highlighting these people, their businesses, and what they’re doing in the community – bringing you an awareness about what they do and why they do it.

In short, the goal was to get to know folks in our local business community, forge professional connections and friendships, and hopefully – in my own small way – create a platform to strengthen the business community in and around Kingston.

So, to celebrate having interviewed 100 local business owners in the Kingston community, I thought it would be good to look back and review some of the lessons I’ve learned from them:

1. Put your ideas on the table

This idea was shared several times throughout the past two years of the show. In essence, your goal as a small business owner should be to find a way that feels easy for you to share your message with others. This could be a blog, podcast, videos, live social events in the area, or anything else. And, it’s never been easier to do so. You can write on a free blog platform like Medium, create videos on your phone and publish them on YouTube or post image-driven messages on Instagram. Basically, there are no excuses. By putting your ideas on the table, you will not only start creating an awareness about your business in our community, but other people will also see what you’re all about and no doubt will want to help too.

2. Make contact with people you admire

Social media makes it easy for you to contact other local business owners and/or professionals you admire. Most of my guests and interviews came from me reaching out to people I thought would add value to my listeners. And, I can’t remember many who said no. As a result, many of those connections have turned into business relationships and personal friendships.

3. Consistently show up

Over the course of the last two years and 100 episodes, I only missed a couple of weeks from my regular publishing schedule. Sure, I had to get creative some weeks, but that’s how you roll when you’re doing something that’s important to you. Many of my guests spoke about the importance of being consistent in running their business and marketing efforts. The bottom line is this: you never know what will happen, when it will happen, or who’s consuming your content. So keep at it, consistently, and the results will come.

4. Action leads to clarity, not the other way around

One of the most interesting recurring points I heard from our guests was around how they found the thing they became passionate about. The truth is, they didn’t find it. Instead, they created it. In other words, through the ups-and-downs of their respective journeys, they found something that interested them, they then worked really hard to make a business or career out of it, and then they developed a passion for it as a result. The point being that, if you’re feeling stuck, you typically can’t just think your way out of a situation. You need to take some kind of small action, get feedback, and make your next move accordingly. It’s similar to confidence: you don’t act when you are confident; you become confident after taking action long enough to know that you’ve got this.

5. Just do it

Words along these lines were hands down the most common advice my guests shared with my listeners. As a personal example, when I started my podcast, I knew exactly 2 of my guests! I’ve now interviewed 100. Yet for many people, this would be a reason to stall on publishing episode 1. And that’s exactly how dreams are destroyed. The solution: take a tiny action, start before you’re ready and get into building momentum.

In the process of these one hundred conversations, I’ve also learned about the books, podcasts and TED talks that have inspired our guests – most of which led to discussions about leadership techniques, intriguing business strategies, memorable experiences, etc…

My guests were only too happy to share the methods and the mindset it took for them to transform their business (and their lives) into something better and hopefully these provided inspiration and practical wisdom to our listeners too.

So, what next for the show? Is it adieu or au revoir?

I’m not sure.

As I prepare to focus on new challenges and projects, I thought it would be remiss of me to start a new chapter without reflecting on the lessons learned from the act of publishing 100 episodes of the Inside Kingston™ Podcast.

What I do know is that I’ll never be able to interview everyone in our community who has a story worth sharing. In any case, I trust you’ll find that each of these 100 episodes have been a step in the right direction.

Bye for now. 😊👍


Hi, I'm Amyr Rocha Lima.

I’m a financial planner who specialises in working with successful professionals age 50+ to help them reduce taxes, invest smarter and retire on their terms.

As an active member of our business community, I want to help other businesses get their story out there and see them succeed and flourish.

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Inside Kingston™ Podcast - Final Episode
Inside Kingston™ Podcast - Final Episode
Episode #101
FINAL EPISODE - What I've Learned...

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